• Healthy Millionaire - The Sequel

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Healthy Millionaire - The Sequel

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Manifesting good health and wealth is your birthright and it is time to secure all that is intended for you in this lifetime. You can have the healthy body, mind and spirit that you desire by making simple, positive changes in your life with tips in the Healthy Millionaire: The Sequel. You will learn about everything from how to breathe for weight loss to outsmarting your family history of disease, to live the healthy life you deserve. The Healthy Millionaire: The Sequel is the second book in the National Bestselling Series, sure to educate and empower you and your loved ones over your health, naturally.

The Healthy Millionaire: The Sequel will teach you how to get healthy in body, mind and spirit with this inspirational guide designed to empower you over your own health using natural medicine.

The easy to read book features specific protocols and the best combinations of the VitaTree products to help treat over fifty diseases and conditions in the body, naturally.

There is a focus on healing the mind to help heal the body, including affirmations to make yourself well again and commonly seen mental blockages that manifest in specific disease patterns, and how to eliminate the negative thoughts to help heal the disease.

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